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May 24, 2006

'P' Is For 'Punch The Keys'

Here is your first glimpse of the entire scene... done with Muppets. Here we see an old man teach a young blue monster how to type. He's really quite good. I'd even say that he's the man now, dog.
Muppet Sean Connery Teaches Typing

Joker Eats Crazy Pills Too

So, in the alternate universe, its the Joker and not Batman who has totally lost his mind. Oh, and the portion of the song that was used is different. See, everything is turned upside down! Run for your lives.
PTKFGS: Joker: chacarron, chacarron, aliluliron

Mariah Is Sooo Hot

Look At My BoobsAnd disgusting. I don't even want to know how someone leaving her had semen all over thier face. Remember when Mariah first started out? She was the nice girl. Good thing she ho'd it up and got bigger boobs. Where would our society be without her.
Mariah Carey Can't Forget! Wow...

More Montage: Friends

I told you there would be more collage/montage/combinations. Well, this one is quite well made I must say. I think I have done you, dear reader, a disservice. I have not shown any posts with Shatner or with Milton. Whatever shall happen? You might not get a joke. You'll live. And, if not, I'll go back in time and save your life.
Friends of YTMND

Data Isn't Funny, Unless He Is Falling

Not sure why this is funny. Maybe someone will comment on it and enlighten me. But it is. Maybe its the music? Maybe its anyone falling - doesn't have to be Data. Or, maybe its not actually funny. Whatever, I had it bookmarked for some reason.
Data also falls

Jesus Is Such A Joker

Not only is this picture the definition of hilarity, it has the "God" music. If it has this song playing, its funny. Remember that, there will be more later. On a serious note, if Jesus likes anal, he must be awesome.
Does Jesus like anal?

It Certainly Makes Me Laugh

I look at this photograph, and I laugh. Why? Because I like pants. And someone dancing around pants-less is just one notch higher. What I don't get is how this guy got a picture frame that shows animated photos. Neato.
Look at pants-less man's photograph!

Combine And Conquer

This awful creature here combines one annoying sound with another to produce an even more annoying sound. I promise it will give you a headache within 2 minutes.
Sean Connery and Alex Trebek combine their powers to form one supermutant!

Where Can I Get A Cat?

Oh, good. I answered my own question. Here is a cat. And a free one at that. Yay! Did anyone bring a shovel?

Imperial Walker-Style

I'm so hard it feels like its made of steel. I did a lot of creative things with my toys as a kid, but I don't think I ever came up with this one. I wonder if that whore Leia likes to watch robot porn. I'm sure she does.
All night long, eh?

Hip-Hop Stomp

Ok. This one is just plain mean. But you just gotta love Gwen Stefani right. I mean, if that song don't get you stompin' on some skulls, you must be dead (or "stomped").
Ain't no holler back nyugguh!

California And Michigan

Do you remember Howard Dean? I certainly do. Did you know he started a funk band? I think you will be pleasantly surprised, he rocks man. Just look how pumped up he can make the crowd. He's a natural.
Howard Dean!

Babys Are Cute - YA RLY

Babies are cute. I mean it. Except for this one. Ok, well, just this one particular snapshot I've got here. But otherwise, very cute. And very freaky thanks to our friend Photoshop. Sad thing is that I found this while searching for 'O RLY'.
Crazy Mean Baby O RLY?

Super Molesting Man

I never really liked Superman. And, know what, I had him pegged as a child molestor the whole time. Too bad he's Superman and nobody can stop him from taking advantage of children. (Leave this in the background and let it repeat 50 times - it really gets hilarious.)
But Superman, I poop from there...

I Meet Dilbert

I know I'm supposed to be showing you YTMNDs on this blog, but I had to take a post and make it personal. I have a chance here to show you just how famous I've become as a time traveler. I'm basically a pop-culture phenom. (Sad how funny this is now that you get the joke isn't it.)
Dilbert Meets the Time Traveler