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May 16, 2006

Duck Origins (Almost)

This was supposed to be the introduction to Ralph Wiggum and his first game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Well, seems as though that YTMND has been taken down. Damn shame. Good thing someone else picked up the audio and slapped it onto some photos of Fearless Leader. (The original had Ralph running around a circle of seated friends saying "duck" over and over and over and over and over again.)
George W. Bush: duck duck duck.....

Time Travel Duck

On one of my trips back through time I took Ralph Wiggum along. He loved it. Simple child. He didn't realize the danger all around him. He even offered up this song for the king's enjoyment. We barely got out of there with our lives.
Medieval Duck Duck Duck

I Be Keepin' It Real, Duck

Final "duck" installment. And the best one to boot. Here we see Ralph in true form, droppin' mad "ducks" on the people.
Still D.U.C.K.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Nuts In Cups

Picture is really all you need with this one. Yeah, there is some music involved, but I can think of some better music. "If I had my nuts, in a cup, would they be nut-cups?" "If I had my nuts on your chin, would they be chin-nuts?"

Nature Is Disgusting

Look at this cute little bastard right here. One of nature's wonders. Actually, the way he's staring is making me think he's picturing you in your underwear. Better stand back, this could get messy. Filthy nature.
The Masturbating Lemur!

Corn Nuts 4 Corn Nuts

Did you know Corn Nuts had a theme song? Did you ever want Corn Nuts to just be one word: Cornuts? Well, this is one of the most ridiculous jingles I've ever busted a nut on.
Bust a nut!

May 15, 2006

I Just Fell In Love With Joni Mitchell

I've always been a big fan of folk music. Its the only kind you can still hear played in different times throughout history. But this Joni Mitchell chick, well, she's got something special. The harmonics on some of those deeper notes is really something else.
Joni Mitchell can't stop belching

That's Pantstastic

I know you love pants. Who doesn't? Well, certainly not me. I LOOOOVE pants. This YTMND is so irritating it actually starts to piss me off. Which then makes me laugh. Am I the only one like this?

Boobies O Rly Ya Rly No Wai

Look look! Boobies. Boobies like bags of sand. "O Rly?" you say. "Ya Rly" is how I would respond. You're just going to have to see the lame-joke-ness in action yourself. Behold, the O Rly owl in all his glory.
O RLY? boobies? OWLOL

Poor Moe

Nobody likes Moe. Maybe because of his sunny disposition. Maybe its because he doesn't have the self confidence to show people what a wonderful person he is. Maybe you never thought about how much Moe is hurting inside.

My Balls Hurt

Recently, someone actually answered my ad to travel back in time with me. He knew the dangers involved. We went back in time to England. Oh the horrors.
Balls Brothers

May 13, 2006

Jesus Is King... Of Gold's Gym

Our God is an awesome God. Hope you knew that. 'Cuz if you didn't, Jesus is going to come down off of that cross and kick your ass. Wonder why parents never use that threat on their kids. That's what this world needs, an old fashioned god like the Greeks had. Strong, powerful, muscular and having sex with everyone in his family, male or female.
Jesus is AWESOME

Were There Even Any Female Transformers?

How many times do I have to explain that its all in the repetition? How many times do I have to explain that its all in the repetition? I dare you not to laugh at this one. And after you do, just leave it on the screen for 10 minutes. I guarantee a good laugh about every 30 seconds.
Optimus Prime Likes Boobies

Get Your Booty Bumpin'

Damn son! See, that's how you work it. Nobody does it like the New Kids On The Block. Lesson for some of you n00bs, simple out-of-place music with a graphic really has legs.
New Kids On The Block

Sadness Is All Around Us

This one would be marked as NSFK - Not Safe For Kids. He really does look at peace though. I tried to go back in time to stop him from doing it, but he really was determined to put the "'Street" behind him.
elmo is..hanged

It's Catching On

Told you Trebek was in trouble. What kills me is the amount of time someone had to spend on this to give him that sing-song voice. Quite catchy though, brava! Look out for some more combinatorics later.
Alex Trebek Sings YTMND

May 12, 2006


Hope you like German. And Hasslehoff. And bad puns. Sweet, sweet puns.

Interactive Odular

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding! This really needs no explanation. Its a song about my cell phone being a banana. If you are wondering about the song, it comes from Raffi, children's musician genius. I wonder if Skype has made an internet adapted banana yet?
Cloud Banana Phone

Hello Stinky

I forgot to tell you that I love cats. And Hello Kitty. And farts. Hope that doesn't ruin the surprise.
Hello Kitty Underpants

You're The Jeopardy Now Dog!

And you thought YTMND had no cultural reach. For shame. What's sad is that Trebek should have known that he will forever be a joke/internet legend, just like Connery.
ytmnd pwns jeopardy

Now Now When?

Yes yes, I can recite this scene word for word. But I can't possibly be the only dork out there who can. What you didn't know is that I have situations like this happen to me all the time when I am traveling back in time with my weapons.

I'll Pork To That

I'm going to have to keep explaining to you people that repetition begets annoying. And annoying begets funny. Don't believe me, let this one stay on your screen for 10 minutes. I promise you will laugh 'till pork comes out your nose.
Porkchop Sandwiches!

Sublymonal Ekacyppuc?

See what happens when you go and take a really nice, simple, cute thing and play it in reverse?
CUPPYCAKE in reverse


I'm not sure I even get the Cuppycake Gumdrop thing. The song is funny, I'll give it that. But the picture? What is that? A cat? Cake? Muffin? Some horrible combination of them all? I know there is a better one out there with really cute cats instead of cat-bread.

Punch It To The Limit

Time for your first lesson in combinatorics. I have been trying to post the oldest ones first to build up to the new stuff, but this new one is awesome and the world needs to see it. Here we see Punch-Out combined with the Time Traveler. Of course the Time Traveler wins the fight, he does push it to the limit.
Punch Out: Minor Circuit *timeguy*

May 11, 2006

I Must Be Boring And Not Original

Seems to be a theme/meme/fad going around that says its O.K. to make fun of kids who dress in all black and use too much make-up. Did you know that their emotions are much harsher than your's and mine? Great song though, wherever it came from.
The Emo Song

Batman Loses His Mind

Amazing how stupid someone can look when you take a 2 second clip and repeat it ad infinitum. Oh, and find the most ridiculous audio clip on the internet. I thought someone had made up that audio clip, nope. Real song. Real band. Makes me a little nuts that these guys make money off of stuff like this.
Batman: ualuealuealeuale

Death Star Disney

Darth Vader says "Noooooo" a lot. At least in this universe. And in this universe, ol' Darth hits up fun parks on his days off.
NOOOller Coaster

What Has Happened To My Bike?

Ever win a couple of boxing matches? Ever go for a run on the East River in Brooklyn with the New York City skyline 'paralax scrolling' behind you as you run? Ever wear a pink sweatsuit as a boxer?
Ever play Nintendo? Ever play "Mike Tyson's Punch Out"? Well, someone dreamed up the idea that instead of following your trainer on his bike, the dude in the pink sweatsuit was chasing someone who had stolen his bike. Expect more on this in the future.
n*gg* stole my bike, Punchout remix.

Seriously, What Is love?

You want repetition? You want annoying? Well, have I got a page for you. We got some of the worst music ever made, and a well made animated gif. What more can you ask for? Well, what more can you ask for in a YTMND?
What Is Love?

Picard: Space Crooner

Ever get down with a space captain? No? Well now you can. This is where Captain Jean Picard started his musical career on YTMND. Remember, because it repeats and is annoying it is therefore funny.
Picard Song

Same Paris She Used To Be

Apparently, Paris Hilton suffers from the same facial disease as Miss Lohan. And, she seems to like the same music - who knew.
Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions

You Will Give Me A Vowel

So the Dark Lord of the Sith was on Wheel of Fortune one day. Nooo? Yes! And, needless to say, he was triumphant. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Same Facial Expression That I Used To Be

Apparently, Miss Lohan makes the same face when posing for pictures. All the time. In every photo. Check it out for yourself. And keep Miss Lohan in mind for future posts, she shows up a lot.
Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions.

May 10, 2006

Push it to the Limit

This guy pushes it to the limit. Obviously.
Safety Not Guaranteed

You're The Man Now Dog

Well, here we are. The original. You want the story? Here it is. Sean Connery was in a movie called Finding Forrester. From IMDB "Plot Outline: An afro-american teen writing prodigy finds a mentor in a reclusive author." Mr. Connery utters the phrase "You're the man now dog" to encourage the young writer (Rob Brown) while he is writing. Best explained on Wikipedia. Why is it funny? Because things that are annoying get funny when repeated over and over and over again.
You're The Man Now Dog