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May 23, 2006

Right Now I Never Liked Van Halen

Seriously. I never liked Van Halen. Enough about me, lets get down to business. This is your first intoduction into the world of compilations. Here some dweeb with way too much time on his hands takes some music and makes a little movie involving as many YTMND "fads" as possible. I tried to present you with all the necessary fads ahead of time, so you would get all the jokes, but I didn't get around to "Chuck Norris," "Burger King" or "New Orleans." But I have faith that you are all smart enough to get the joke. Because that's the real genius of this site, the more of these stupid things you see, the more the other ones not only make sense, but get much funnier. So, happy YTMNDing.
Right Now It's YTMND

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